Sod People

For Transplants and Shutterbugs: A hybrid work of prose poetry and images from the Midwest, abutting images text, photos, and grass with memories and nostalgia in photography now. What began as a letter of apology to our daughter for not having the right type of family photo album, turned to questions of what anyone could expect, and is now addressed to the erudite photo-book collector who senses a shift in the onslaught of images. Sod People is both an exhibition of prints abstracting the book, and artists’ book filled with prose of personal iterations of photographic theory.

The metaphor of sod links the hundreds or hundreds of thousands of inherited photos, digital images, personal collections, and the places we come from.  Context takes precedent as the arrangement and anecdotal additions we’ve come to expect are impacting our vision, desire, and memory more than any change in technology.

Reading the first few pages of Sod People (CircaCirca Studio Artist’s Book Published 2016) on Instagram: #sodpeople

Sod People is one chapter of a larger project of artists books called the Codicil (previous iterations Ground Cover). Inspired by the Walking Artists movement of 1960’s, this meandering project uses the cadence of a walk, to draw together vignettes of poetry and photographic vision. I’m interested in the pedestrian experience in both senses of the word – a walk as a way to access the deepest of interior narratives, using the most ubiquitous technology or the point of departure in the seemingly banal.

Please, reach out! Write to me! I’d like to see your annotations as anecdotes to this text, your ground cover, collected images have a place in the codicils.

A special mid-project installation of Sod People, January-February 2017, at DePaul’s Design Gallery Project Space at 14 E. Jackson Room 208.