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Chelsea is a visual artist and educator in Chicago, IL, though she grew up in Michigan and returns often. Chelsea holds an MFA in studio art from the University of South Florida, 2007. Over the past decade she has taught a diverse student body in DePaul’s College of Computing and Digital Media. She has engaged in many experimental projects in unexpected, non-conforming spaces using pedestrian means. Space and access are of specific interest to her since the experiential nature of contemporary practices is often the most transformative.

Chelsea is the creator of a pedestrian video art exhibition in neighborhoods called Neighborhood Watch: Projection Walk, member of the experimental former project space and west loop studio Spoke. Currently she is publishing accumulation of backdated work on instagram, and working with interdisciplinary artists to form a collective. Her latest publication is an excerpt of the collaborative project Midas Eyes, published in Viz. Inter-Arts: Interventions in April 2016. She is searching for a home for Sod People, and is currently accepting proposals and conversations for Codicils.

Artist Statement |

While primarily working with analog and digital photographic technology, Chelsea Cossu frequently uses prose, sculptural installation and social engagements in the production and performance of her works. These hybrid works provoke questions about space, home, about collections of those things we are compelled to keep, poignant travel with constellar configurations of ideas and materials. Constellar theory attempts to unify disparate experiences through relationships in the perspective of the person experiencing them, much like our experience of the cosmos from our position on Earth. This is helpful for storytelling, and provides a framework for understanding a multitude of experiences in a variety of perspectives as they link together.


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